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What to advise meekly enamoured?

To give advice – ungrateful employment. Speak, giving advice becomes responsible for those who follows its council.

What it is possible to advise to the person who is meekly enamoured? As it is possible to advise something to the one who as Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov wrote in due time, daily on itself feels how the relation of other person is important for it? Who emotionally (and often and physically) completely depends on an arrangement of object of the liking.

First, if can, concern the fact of the meek love philosophically. Philosophically – means not to rush from a window, not to tear on itself clothes and hair, not to climb in a loop and to a high voltage. It means to try to accept a situation as is, without setting infinite questions of type «Why with me it happens?» Or «For what to me it?» Eventually, sooner or later you should accept all as is. Whether it is necessary to dramatize that as so it is hard? From the philosophical point of view love can be regarded as short-term insanity or illness. It too helps to endure it «with the least losses», as something inevitable.

Secondly, it is not necessary «to achieve reciprocal feeling». Especially "at any cost". The love – as the relation of one person to another – anything has no general with feeling of gratitude or is simple the good relation. Achieving an arrangement "by all means", you will put yourselves at the best in a humorous situation. Pity has with love no anything the general. The love as the relation simply is – or it is not present. It does not appear together with gratitude and does not disappear, if the favourite person makes something bad.

Thirdly, try not to forget that other person – not your property. That he (it) will never behave how you would like it. Or so that to you was not so painfully. Simply because each person himself chooses, what to it to be. Jealousy for the majority of people not only the love companion, but also one of its signs. But the jealousy appears there where on the beloved look as at the property. Hardly it is necessary to list all negative sides (and possible consequences) to jealousy. And positive at it it is not revealed yet.

Fourthly, it is not necessary to create problems display of the feelings. Neither, nor associates. Especially if the object of your feelings has a family. Love passes, as any feeling. And problems which she can create, it is necessary to solve for years (children, as it is known, grow long enough). It is possible to fall in love with the person with whom in general it is impossible to establish a family or normal relations. For example, «the fatal woman» can destroy all life of the one who will grow fond of it. If he does not understand in time that it is necessary to take itself in hands.

Fifthly, do not forget that all passes. Love – the higher lifting of all forces of the person. And it passes sooner or later. Only at rare exceptions this condition proceeds more than two years (this opinion of the author since statistical researches of the given problem it was not spent). Meek love will pass. A question only – with what you after it remain. With insult on destiny and on the one who has not loved you – or with sensation of a holiday which has entered into your life. Let not so it is beautiful, as in films and novels. But it is yours and only your holiday. Your burning, your blossoming. Anybody and never will so love, as you.

It is possible to live all life, and without having learnt, what full and sated it can be. Also that looking in eyes to the favourite person, it is possible to depart from this validity. What does the sound (its) its steps force heart to fight faster, than from any adrenaline … That it is possible not to sleep days almost – whether and not to feel weariness … And what all this completeness of experiences could not be … So it is necessary to take offence at the unfortunate destiny and on the one who has not reciprocated your feeling? Solve it. Recollect a wise saying «more often If to another the bride leaves – still it is not known, to whom has carried». Also remember that love usually happens "introduction" more the deep feeling, capable to bring the present happiness and deep communication on all life. Because from the «the present half» so simply you will not leave. If only you do not give up as a bad job the private life after one or several unsuccessful experiences.

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