Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to get acquainted with girls?

We live on one planet, but sensation such that on a planet have appeared this from any other absolutely different planets. Otherwise than it is possible to explain absolute discrepancy of thoughts, characters, desires. And last years also sights at acquaintance have sharply exchanged.
The girl nice in loneliness sits (can be, and not one, and with girlfriends), misses, waits that somebody will approach to get acquainted, will keep the company, and nobody approaches. The girl starts to be angry and very soon is at the end of the resources boilings. Being in this point, it is already ready to send any far and for a long time.

And at this time in other end of a hall (or the fellow sits at the next little table). Too misses, glances towards the girl and waits. Waits, when it, at last, will show to it any sign on attention. And is even better will approach also itself will get acquainted. The girl about its desire to get acquainted not at all does not know and even about the existence of the guy such not in a course.
Because the guy is too silent and is imperceptible. Here if it has drawn to itself(himself) attention: a stare, a smile or at least loud conversation or laughter (the truth, it not absolutely decently, it is necessary to think where you are). After the girl missing has noticed the guy interesting, it is already possible to think and of attention signs.

Very much young men on a theme like to dream: «the Girl takes the first step». Will suffice to dream, they and so it do. But not in the form of the acquaintance. On such the maiden, respecting will not go, because with it and so too many people get acquainted. Or nobody gets acquainted, but she hesitates, or it is very important for it that people will think of it, and all know that decent girls do not get acquainted.

And so, there is a set of the reasons on which the girl herself for what will not approach. But some signs on attention all the same will render. However knowingly in the beginning I said that we from different planets. Girls hint, but is too thin. Men wait for a hint and it do not notice.
And actually so it is a lot of them. For example, she too can steadfastly look at you, and then hide a sight if you turn around. And can and not hide is means that the girl hints already absolutely thickly and it is necessary to operate. Such it is not observed, then it is possible to try to catch an eye casual and to smile. Not to grin, and to smile, it is desirable to add in a warmth smile (if you are capable of it), after all to girls in Russia so there is no heat. Will smile in the answer – it is possible to continue acquaintance.

Further we will walk on the process of acquaintance. Guys young abrupt films where the protagonist approaches to the girl have seen enough and speaks: «Hey, the child, I wishes to spend with you evening», and the girl is thrilled with delight that he has chosen it. Young men, all of you are fine and unique, but it is not necessary to think that the woman should be happy only because that someone will notice it. Try to LOOK after! It is even better if to do it non-standard and thus to remember that to you are not obliged to agree. Do it for the sake of art.

For example, you for a little table send a bottle something – write a note about such maintenances: «you are fine, and we sit at such little table, very melancholy, it would be desirable to you. Refusal is undesirable, our sick man's vanity of it will not worry. And then we already never will dare to get acquainted with girls. We and now hesitate». Also add a smilie. The designation of at what you sit a little table, will give the chance to girls to be convinced that you not maniacs, at least outwardly. Or try to begin acquaintance with non-standard words. Ask, who it on a zodiacal sign. When will answer, tell that and knew. Because such cheerful, beautiful, clever and outstanding personalities can be born only under this sign.

In general, compliments, compliments and once again compliments. Also do not kill in itself knights only because it, you see now not in a fashion. It is always actual, on-extreme measure for us. Good luck!

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