Sunday, July 19, 2009

What for to the woman a whim?

Present to the woman one million scarlet roses... And she will tell that one is necessary to it, but white!
Not so has looked, not that has told, not of that has thought, has forgotten birthday of the cousin grand daughter of a favourite cat... We arrange Such shows to men from time to time or regularly. Always without the reason. That is, without the reasonable reason, from your point of view, expensive men. And you swear aloud or about yourselves, turn away, close ears, are dissolved in air, considering that a woman's nonsense or other nonsenses on which it is not necessary to turn a close attention. Also that ourselves do not understand, what bosh we bear.
First, it is perfectly understood. Secondly, attention to it to turn very much even costs.

One my friend reacted to all my whims charm-indulgently and considered as their absolute necessity. As he told «it normally for any woman – to check thus the man on durability». Also became after that blind. It was possible to sob, shout, beat ware at it on a head – it remained the firm Egyptian sphinx, capable to wait any storm, for ahead with it eternity.

In what it was right, so it that whims for women is an obligatory appendix. And yes, so we also check you. Basically it occurs not осознанно, at intuitive level. We in general base the most part of the behaviour on so-called intuition. Or it is better to name it natural logic? The intuition is all the same something from the magic category. And female thinking nevertheless quite logically, simply communications between events and subjects for the woman far are not linear. And the length of road is not only its metric area, but also presence thus the companies from which on this road you go, quantity of a rain or the sun during walk and taste of morning coffee, and still, perhaps, yesterday's rain and the feet which have blotted in barefoot persons.

But we will return to our whims.
Expensive and favourite! You so seldom say that love us. You can repeat it every morning and all the same it – is rare. And consequently each time as soon as we need to hear «I you I love» the song is got «as you could put in tea two slices of sugar, after all I five minutes as on a diet!» Each time as soon as the woman does not have not enough your attention, begins a hysterics about that, «as you are not right». The reason declared can be any. Not in it business. Do not try to solve it with a knightly heat peculiar to men. Simply embrace and tell that it is beautiful, невзирая on any diets, and a piece of sugar you necessarily pull out from its cup a sublimation and adsorption method.

You only have got acquainted and about love and other feelings to speak early? For you early. And we check soil for planting of these feelings. That was not late. And the hysterics «I wanted here that sweet from this a stall, and you at all have not tracked a sight» is not a threshold of a coma because of a diabetes. This banal requirement of attention.

Yes, a female whim it is difficult. Also because, having begun, we hardly probable in a condition to stop independently. But, if it is possible to you... «Favourite! To you coffee in bed or tea in a cup?!»

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