Monday, September 21, 2009

The love dies. Why?

The favourite person can be offended action or a word, as insult can serve and a carelessness to its opinion. That the such did not occur, respect and appreciate it, listen.

Do not deny opinion of the favourite person, differently you will wound its self-esteem, self-respect. It results to disputes, the conflicts, all is a damage to your mutual relations. If you believe that your favourite is wrong, do not try to overpersuade, make at once it it is necessary after any time and it is soft, tactful. If you have understood that you confess at once sincerely were mistaken, hiding nothing. Similar action will cause to you only respect. And such concessions you can achieve more than reproaches and cruelty.

All women know that men superficially concern anniversaries, birthdays, clothes. For the woman it has paramount value. Therefore the man should consider all female features and to behave properly. Ignoring desires of the darling it is possible to achieve that relations will simply be at a deadlock. The woman having defined, what parts of a body are pleasant to the beloved, can skilfully present them to it. For example, feet, means, it is necessary to put on short mini the skirts underlining your legs if a breast fitting топ etc. Arriving, thus, it all time looks tempting, thereby delivers pleasure favourite. It will strengthen feelings and love.

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