Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why women change?

It is considered to be that change more often than the man. And in changes it justify, guilty consider the woman, the wife. For what reason of the woman change that them pushes in embraces of another?

First of all a sexual dissatisfaction. When the man has conservative views concerning sex, and the woman would like novelty, a variety, it is necessary for them to agree. If it does not occur, the woman will search for what so does not suffice it, in embraces of other man. Such change will have character of easy hobby and hardly will destroy marriage.

The second reason - Incompatibility of characters. If sexual relations are perfectly in order, but in the rest there is no common opinion, such pair will hold on not for long.

If the man is much more senior the woman. Sooner or later the woman will start to admire at men of the age. Why it occurs? The answer is simple. The young woman still psychologically is not ready to conduct that way of life which is dictated by its man. It would like entertainments, youth parties. And its senior husband cannot give it it. In this case there can be two variants of succession of events. The first variant: the husband loyally concerns its desires and allows to go on parties. In this case the woman for certain will find to itself the young lover. The second variant: the husband forbids the woman youth parties, against its young friends and imposes it the circle of contacts. Some women reconcile to the given situation and become the obedient wife. Others, despite interdictions of the husband, to spite of it do that it will take in head. In this case there is more desire to go on change. After all the forbidden fruit - is sweet.

Often happens that absolutely young guy and the girl marry. In the present state of affairs can change both the man and the woman as the youth has an effect also on both of them would be desirable adventures and new sensations.

If the woman learns about change some women go on change in revenge. She does not wish to be reconciled with change of the husband, but also to keep relations too it would be desirable. However it not a way out as such relations or will scatter at once on small splinters, or mutual changes and will accompany their all joint life.

Are anyhow guilty, certainly, both the man and the woman because it could not keep it, and she could not explain to it that it is necessary for it. If between you there is a love, make concessions each other.

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